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Annual Report

Please see below the Civilian Review Board's Annual Statistical Report.


Response to the COTF Report

Please see below the Civilian Review Board's Response to the COTF Report on civilian oversight in Baltimore.

PDF icon CRB Response to the COTF Report.pdf

Annual Civil Rights Breakfast

Our Annual Civil Rights Breakfast is coming up and will be held at the Hilton Baltimore Hotel on September 25, 2018. Once again, we will be awarding scholarships! Keep checking in for more updates as they develop. 

PDF icon Office of Civil Rights Scholarship Application.pdf

CRB Anonymous Tip Line

The Civilian Review Board now has an anonymous tip line where civilians witnesses or victims can anonymously report incidents of police misconduct.

CRB Anonymous Tip Line: 410-545-3233

To find out about how to file an official CRB complaint, please call 410-396-3151.

Independent Monitor Updates

The Independent Monitor Team is currently accepting public comments on BPD's draft policies. 

For more information including key dates, and to submit public comment, please visit the Monitor's website:

The Independent Monitor Team has posted their office hours:

Mondays, 11:00 – 7:00, at Baltimore Community Mediation Center, 3333 Greenmount Ave.

Tuesdays, 9:00 – 12:30, at the Monitoring Team’s office at 7 E. Redwood Street, 6th Floor.

Fridays, 11:00 – 7:00, at at Baltimore Community Mediation Center, 3333 Greenmount Ave.

Team members or representatives will be available according to this schedule. Federal, state, and local holidays may impact the schedule from time to time. Please contact the Monitoring Team in advance, by phone or via email, if you would like to confirm whether the office is open on a particular day.

Preliminary Report for the Community Oversight Task Force

The staff of the Civilian Review Board has produced a preliminary report for the COTF detailing a number of legislative recommendations, as well as and addendum listing short term policy recommendations. A more detailed report will follow in the coming months. Please find the report below.  

PDF icon COTF Preliminary Report and Addendum.pdf