Our Vision

 Justice through L.O.V.E. (Leadership, Outreach, Vigilance, and Equity), and the other name for love is understanding.  

Our Responsibilities

  • To enforce civil rights laws in Baltimore City.
  • To act as community liaisons for civil rights issues in Baltimore City.
  • To investigate claims of discrimination, wage theft, police misconduct and failure to comply with accessibility standards for persons with disabilities.
  • To move the conversation forward on civil rights and respond to community needs.

What We Do

  • The Community Relations Commission investigates claims of discrimination in employment, public accommodation, housing, education, and health and welfare services, and assists people who have been discriminated against by enforcing the laws that protect them.
  • The Civilian Review Board investigates claims of police misconduct (specifically, allegations of excessive force, false arrest, false imprisonment, harassment and abusive language) and makes recommendations to law enforcement agency heads about discipline.
  • The Wage Commission investigates claims of wage theft and violations of the City’s Living and Prevailing Wage laws.
  • The Mayor’s Commission on Disabilities assists City agencies with compliance with ADA laws, connects constituents to disabilities resources, and works to remove barriers and promote equal rights and opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

BPD's Public Integrity Investigative Manual 

BPD has published their Public Integrity Investigative Manual for public comment. Please see the link below: 


Johns Hopkins Police Accountability Board 

The Johns Hopkins Police Accountability Board is now accepting members. To find out more, click here

Public Information Act Requests

The agency head or executive director is the custodian of the records for this entity. You may contact John Wesley, 7 East Redwood Street, Baltimore, MD, 21202, 410-396-8858 or by emailing him at [email protected] about requesting records from this entity.

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month!

The 2019 theme for National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is The Right, Talent Right Now   Learn more about the Campaign for Disability Employment's photo sharing campaign and other resources offered by the U.S. Dept. of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP).

BPD Administrative Hearings Schedule

File 2019 Calendar CITY HALL WEB.xlsx

Know Your Rights/Immigration Legal Services

Conozca sus Derechos/Servicios Legales para la Inmigracion

The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MIMA) would like to remind you that immigrants who are Baltimore City residents may be eligible for legal services (including representation if they are detained) through Safe City Baltimore. You can find descriptions of services available through Safe City Baltimore and contact information for service providers in the graphic below. 
Additionally, given the rumored increase in immigration enforcement, please remember that EVERYONE in the United States, regardless of immigration status, has rights. Please review the Know Your Rights information below. Additional Know Your Rights information in Spanish, Chinese, and Korean is attached.

La Oficina del Alcalde de Asuntos de Inmigrantes les quiere recordar que inmigrantes quienes son residentes de la ciudad de Baltimore pueden ser elegibles para servicios legales (incluso representación si están detenidos) atreves de Safe City Baltimore. Se puede encontrar descripciones de los servicios disponibles e información de contacto para los proveedores de servicio en los gráficos abajo.

Adicionalmente, como hay rumores de un aumento en accion de cumplimento de inmigración, por favor recuerden que TODOS en Estados Unidos, sin importar su estado de inmigración, tiene derechos. Por favor revisan la informacion abajo de “Conozca sus Derechos.” Información adicional de “Conozca sus Derechos” en español, chino y coreano esta atado.

Agency Contact Details

Email access has been restored for the Office of Civil Rights! Please use Baltimore City email addresses and our main phone numbers to communicate with agency staff. 

Application for Civilian Hearing Board Members

The Baltimore Police Department is looking for civilian members to serve on administrative hearing boards! For more information, see the link below:


The Office of Civil Rights and Wage Enforcement is a city agency devoted to upholding the federal and local civil rights laws, as well as the local minimum, living, and prevailing wage laws. The overarching mission of the Office of Civil Rights is to carry out activities to eliminate discrimination and protect individuals' civil rights. There are three commissions, and one board housed in the Office of Civil Rights and Wage Enforcement: the Community Relations Commission, the Mayor's Commission on Disabilities, the Wage Commission, and the Civilian Review Board.

Reentry Resources

Please see the link below for information about re-entry resources available in Baltimore City.

PDF icon ReEntry Programs.pdf