Director Darnell E. Ingram

Director Darnell E. Ingram


Darnell E. Ingram, Esq. was born in Jacksonville, Florida, after the “modern day” civil rights struggle of the ‘50s, and ‘60s was on life support, if not over. His mother was British of Caribbean descent, and his father from the United States.  Therefore, his multi-cultural roots are inherent. However, his passion for civil rights is homegrown.

Although Mr. Ingram lives in Baltimore, he most recently worked in the District of Columbia. However, he longed to be a part of the ongoing effort to improve the quality of life in the city.  Becoming the Director of Baltimore City’s Office of Equity and Civil Rights was the perfect opportunity.  In his new role as Director, he intends to dig deeper, extend the roots of the agency and yield fruit that will feed the city’s appetite for civility, hunger for equality, and thirst for economic justice.

Ingram is a graduate of the University of South Florida where he earned a degree in systems engineering and from Stetson University College of Law in St. Petersburg, FL, where he received his law degree.

He previously worked as an attorney, after previous employment as an engineer. Most recently, he served as Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing & Contracts at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Before his work at Georgetown University, Ingram served as Assistant State’s Attorney in Tampa FL, and as an Attorney Advisor in the D.C. Office of the Attorney General where he advised D.C.’s Department of Transportation. He is also a proud member of the Steward Board of the historic Bethel A.M.E. Church in Baltimore.

In Mr. Ingram’s first month at the Office of Equity and Civil Rights, he has significantly impacted the culture of the office by realigning staff assignments to increase constituency response, civil rights advocacy in the community, economic equity in planning, and contracting, and public/private collaborations in commercial, and residential development. He has reached out to elected officials starting with members of the City Council and hopes to call upon corporate partners to create synergy, and opportunities for the office to assist them and their constituents.  His intention is to seize every opportunity to build public/private partnerships that strengthen the agency, increase its resources, and improve the quality of service provided by the  Community Relations Commission (CRC), The Civilian Review Board (CRB), the Mayor’s Commission on Disabilities (MCD), and the Wage Commission (WC), and the Equity Division.

Ingram is a keen admirer of Attorney, author, and founder of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) Bryan Stevenson, who writes in his book… “Just Mercy” that ...”Many consider the opposite of poverty to be wealth, when in fact [in many cases] it is justice.”  Ingram believes this is true for Baltimore because of the perceptions of an imbalance of equity and a need of economic justice as it pertains to the diverse Baltimore communities. His goal is to fuel the conversation about economic justice and equality for all areas among residents of Baltimore, the public and organizations.

Mr. Ingram agrees with Marian Wright Edelman, American activist, and  founder of the Children’s Defense Fund, that…”We must always refill and ensure there is a critical mass of leaders and activists committed to nonviolence and racial and economic justice who will keep seeding and building transforming movements.” He also subscribes to the theory of Scottish economist Adam Smith who claimed that “No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable.”

Ingram has lived in many places around the world. However, he knows why he is here – Baltimore is home! Ingram desires to use his skills honed as a lawyer and engineer to improve the quality of the work of the office. He recognizes the agency had wings when he arrived, his goal is to provide new landing gear to ensure its services, and resources reach the hearts, minds, and souls of the city’s residents, government, businesses, schools, communities, and community organizations. He is a proud resident of Baltimore.