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Clip of news article: Water justice bill becomes law

Image Transcript: Historic Baltimore Water Justice Bill Becomes Law

  • After unanimous passage by the City Council, the Water Accountability and Equity Act has officially become law.
  •  The Baltimore Right to Water Coalition applauds the City of Baltimore for Officially enacting the Water Accountability and Equity Act (WAEA) and spearheading a growing water affordability movement across the country. 

Clip of news article: Subsidized Lyft ride to grocery stores

Image Transcript: Subsidized Lift Rides to the Grocery Store

  • Baltimore residents who live in food deserts can now take Lift Ride to grocery store.

Clip of news article: Free parking during holiday season

Image Transcript: Baltimore City offers free, discounted parking during the holiday season. 

  • The City of Baltimore will offer free and discounted parking during the holiday season from November 30, 2019 through January 19, 2020. 

Clip of news article: Mayor creates children's cabinet

Image Transcript: Baltimore City Mayor creates Children's Cabinet to help guide the administration.

Clip of news article: Mayor Young issues executive order to support immigrants

Image Transcript: Mayor Young Issues Executive Order to Support Immigrants

  • On Wednesday, August 7 Mayor Bernard C. "Jack" Young was joined by community advocates as he announced a new Executive Order titled "Advancing Public Safety and Access to City Services". This Executive Order served to expand citywide antidiscrimination policies, stating that "No City Department, agency, officer or employee shall act with bias against any individual based on actual or perceived citizenship or immigrations status." Additionally no City official should ask about citizenship or immigration status unless required to do so by state or federal law.