Powers and Duties

The Commission is authorized to and shall have the power to:

  1. Formulate and carry out a comprehensive educational and action program designed to eliminate the payment of substandard wages to employees in the City of Baltimore.
  2. Receive, investigate, and take action as herein provided on all complaints of payment of less than the minimum wage required.
  3. Conduct such investigations on its own initiative as it deems proper to effectuate the compliance with wage laws.
  4. Monitor and assist in the fulfillment of any agreements negotiated with employers to affect their compliance with wage laws.
  5. Make appropriate findings as a result of any of its investigations.
  6. In carrying out its powers and duties, inspect payroll records of any business without prior notice.
  7. Enforce the provisions of the Displaced Workers Protection laws. 

The powers of the Wage Commission are found in the Minimum Wage Law