Complaint Procedure

Below are the steps in the complaint procedure followed by the Wage Commission.  If you are looking to immediately start the process, you can file a complaint online on the page File a Complaint Online.  When filing a complaint, it is important that you keep the Important Points in mind.

  • Important Points
  • Can I file a complaint?
  • How do I file a complaint?
  • What happens after I file a complaint?

Important Points

  1. Remember, a quality investigation takes time. Please be patient. Your case must be prepared so carefully that it could stand up in court if necessary.
  2. You are protected in your right to file a complaint!  It is unlawful for anyone to harass, intimidate, or penalize you in any manner, or otherwise take action against you because you filed a complaint.  If you find yourself a target of harassment, notify the compliance officer assigned to your case.
  3. Details are important.  Try to remember all details and report them to your compliance officer.  Do not try to decide for yourself what is or is not important.  Leave that to the specially trained compliance officer.
  4. Keep us aware of any changes in your address.

Can I file a complaint?

If you believe that you have not been paid the wage you are due, be it minimum wage, a living wage, or prevailing wage, and you work for an employer in Baltimore City with two or more employees, then you can file a complaint.

How do I file a complaint?

If you would like to file a complaint, you can visit the Wage Commission at 7 E. Redwood Street, 9th Floor, or call the Wage Commission at 410.396.3141.  A Compliance Officer with the Wage Commission will help you complete a complaint form and the Compliance Officer will begin the investigation process.  You also have the option for beginning the complaint process online by visiting the page File a Complaint Online.

What happens after I file a complaint?

After you file a complaint a Compliance Officer with the Wage Commission will begin an investigation.  After the investigation, if there is found reason to believe that you are owed wages, a letter will be sent to your employer regarding the owed wages.