Civilian Review Board

The Civilian Review Board of Baltimore City is an independent agency in the city through which members of the public can issue a complaint against officers of various law enforcement units. The Civilian Review Board takes complaints that allege the use of excessive force, abusive language, harassment, false arrest, and false imprisonment. The law enforcement units that the Civilian Review Board handles complaints for are: the Baltimore City Police Department, the Baltimore City School Police, the Baltimore City Sheriff's Office, the Baltimore Environmental Police, the Police Force of the Baltimore City Community College, and the Police Force of Morgan State. The Civilian Review Board also reviews Police Department Procedures and makes recommendations to the Commissioner.

Board members are composed of a member of the public from each of the nine police districts in Baltimore City.  Members of the Board are selected by the Mayor and subject to the advice and consent of the City Council.  Also on the Commission as nonvoting members, are one representative of the Fraternal Order of Police, one representative of the Vanguard Justice Society, the Baltimore City Police Commissioner or the Commissioner's designee, one representative of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland (ACLU), and one representative of the Baltimore City Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).



The CRB's bylaws have been finalized and adopted. For questions about the bylaws, please email Jill Muth or call 410-746-4095. 

File CRB BYLAWS Final Draft.docx

Board Members

George Buntin

George Buntin, Western District

Mel Currie

Mel Currie, Southwestern District

Levi Zaslow

Levi Zaslow, Northwestern District

Tiera Hawkes

Tiera Hawkes, Chair, Northeastern District

Tiffany Wingate

Tiffany Wingate, Central District

Natalie Novak, Secretary, Northern District

Vacant, Southern District

Vacant, Eastern District

Tyler Salley 

Tyler Salley, Southeastern District