Police Accountability Board

Police Accountability Board

The Police Accountability Board is made up of seventeen members appointed by the Mayor and City Council, tasked with the intake of police misconduct complaints, holding regular meetings with the heads of law enforcement, and issuing public reports about the state of police misconduct in Baltimore City.

The Board is comprised as follows:

  • Two members appointed by the Mayor
    • One of the Mayor's appointees must be between the age of 18-25
  • Fifteen members appointed by the City Council and approved by the Mayor
    • Each City Council member and the City Council President will appoint one member

In order to be eligible for appointment, members must be residents of Baltimore City, and may not be employed as a law enforcement officer or elected official at any time during their membership.

Membership of the Board should reflect the racial, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic, and cultural diversity of Baltimore City. 

No more than two Board members at a time may be former law enforcement officers.

Board members will serve a term of four years, and may serve no more than two consecutive terms. 

Board members will be reimbursed for expenses and may be compensated as determined by the Ordinance of Estimates or appropriate supplementary legislation.