Youth and School Police Complaints

                                              Graphic of students standing in front of Baltimore City silhouette

The Civilian Review Board works with Youth as Resources in order to design materials and police accountability processes that are tailored to meet the needs of Baltimore City students and their families.


  • If a Baltimore City Schools student or a family member has witnessed or experienced police misconduct, they should reach out to the Civilian Review Board using the contact information below.
  • A staff member will speak to the student and/or their parent or guardian and help them to complete the complaint process.
    • PLEASE NOTE: If you are not comfortable making your complaint after discussing the process with staff members, your conversation and identity will stay completely confidential.
  • Once the complaint is submitted, it will be forwarded to the Civilian Review Board for review. The Civilian Review Board may choose to assign an independent civilian investigator to investigate the student's complaint. The complaint will also be sent to the police department's internal investigation division, which will conduct its own investigation. 
  • All investigative findings will be sent to the Board, and they will vote on a recommendation to be sent to the head of the appropriate law enforcement agency.  



Complaint Forms 

To file your complaint, send the completed complaint form to the Youth Complaint Intake Division via Email by clicking here.


To schedule an outreach event at your school for information and education about police misconduct, students' rights, and the complaint process, contact Public Information Officer John Milton Wesley via email by clicking here or by calling 410-207-0408.