Commission Membership

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At this time, Commissioner candidates are being interviewed. Once interviews are completed, the names of accepted candidates will be sent to the Mayor's office for consideration. Once candidates have completed this process, they will be presented to City Council in a public meeting, followed by a hearing in front of the Executive Appointments Committee, and then the final confirmation hearing. Once this is completed, candidates will be sworn in by the Mayor. 

For more information about the process, please contact Khadeja Farahmand via email by clicking here or by phone at 443-835-5524.


The Women's Commission is made up of 19 members appointed by the Mayor in accordance with Article IV, Section 6 of the City Charter. The Mayor may also appoint members of the City Council or the Baltimore City delegation as non-voting members. A representative from the Office of Equity and Civil Rights and female members of the City Council are non-voting members. 

Members serve terms of four years, concurrent with the terms of the Mayor and City Council. Members serve without compensation but may be reimbursed for expenses. 


  • The Mayor shall appoint the Chair of the Women's Commission. 
  • Commission members may select officer roles and elect members to those roles as they see fit. 
  • The Chair of the Commission will select committees based on need and discussion with Commission members.